Bullet Rockstar Romance: Books 1–3 by Jade C. Jamison

Author: Jade C. Jamison

Category: New Adult Romance

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Jade C. Jamison's bestselling series is more than rock star romance. Follow Valerie's journey, along with her friends and bandmates, as they experience the highs and lows of love and loss. It all begins with Valerie falling for Ethan in Bullet and follows their toxic relationship...and beyond.
It begins with the epic love story BULLET:
What if you discover the man you want is toxic?
Maybe it was because I’d been sheltered my whole life.
Or maybe it was because I didn’t know damaged goods when I saw them.
But when I met Ethan Richards in college, I fell hard. “Instalove?” Yep, that was me. I didn’t think about the future or consequences or what was inside his head.
I only knew I wanted him.
When I become the only female in his rock band just as they’re starting out, I experience firsthand the horrors and temptations becoming a rock star can bring, and Ethan breaks my heart again and again.
The worst part is I know he’s not hurting me on purpose.
But he can be saved. I know it. I see the love and light in his heart. There is something redeemable inside him.
If only I can show him before it’s too late.
ROCK BOTTOM tells Ethan’s story, picking up not long after the end of Bullet. The rock and roll lifestyle has made it far too easy for Ethan to continue making bad choices with drugs, alcohol, and groupies--and he’s now in the worst spot of his life, having hit rock bottom. Can he be saved or is he doomed to die by his own hands?
FEVERISH tells the story of Clay (known to the world as famous bad boy guitarist “Jet”). Having experienced heartbreak more than once, Clay plays the field. Now that his band is world famous, he can enjoy all the rock scene has to offer, all while telling himself that love’s not worth the heartache. And it’s easy to do surrounded by groupies who all want a piece of him. Only an assistant hired to help him get his sh*t together could sneak underneath his armor.
Too bad she’s engaged to a rich d-bag…
"I am sitting here at my computer sobbing, literally sobbing over this book. I went through a box of tissues and a packet of tums. IN-FREAKING-TENSE was this book." Angie J., Twinsie Talk Book Blog
This collection, full of laughter, tears, and all the feels, includes the first three novels in the Bullet rocker romance series, described as gritty, raw, and real. If you love steamy new adult rock star romance, then find out for yourself why readers have dubbed Jade C. Jamison the "Queen of Rock Romance." This bundle includes over a thousand pages of angst, heartache, heartbreak, sex, drugs, and rock n roll...so grab your tissues and Tums and start reading! It’s a ride you’ll never forget!
What other readers have said about Bullet:
“Valerie…falls in love with the wrong bad boy right from the start and the rest of the story is tainted by the fact she can't let go of Ethan, the unhealthy one who is emotionally damaged and incapable of commitment. Enter Brad and later Clay into her line of vision and pretty soon it is a sexy, heavy metal rockfest of one bad boy after the other trying to win her heart and steal her away… 5 smoking hot stars” SEB, Amazon ?????
“I read tons of romance novels and this has got to be one of the most realistic ones I have read…If you want the cookie cutter story...this is not the book for you. This book dives into a world filled with musicians, substance addiction, and complex relationships” Valleygirl, Amazon, ?????
“I loved this book! It was raw and intense and obsessive… This is not your typical Rock Star Romance. BULLET sucks you into all the drama surrounding a group of friends who are trying to turn their dream into a reality. It feels so ‘real’ because you are introduced to the band from when they are just a ‘garage band.’ … you will not be able to put this book down!” Gina, Amazon ?????