Author: Tony Nester

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Most people in the survival and preparedness community spend a great deal of time and expense to outfit themselves with quality bug-out gear for an urban crisis. All of that changes when you board a commercial flight for work or pleasure and the majority of the well-planned kit gets left behind due to travel restrictions. This book covers the pertinent emergency gear every business traveler or vacationing family should carry to prevail during a disaster. It is specifically designed with current flight and railway restrictions in mind. If you are a traveler then consider preparing a stripped down version of your bug-out bag with the suggestions that follow in case you ever have to survive in a disaster-riddled city away from home.Based upon the author’s 23 years of teaching survival courses and streamlining his own travel kits, this book will show you what emergency gear to have in your pockets, critical first-aid kit items, nutritious no-cook foods, a carry-on bug-out bag and how to dress for egress. Additionally, there are anecdotes from real-world situations, a checklist of practical items for post-arrival at your destination and low-tech measures for securing your gear at the hotel or in a rental vehicle.