Author: Ken Ross

Category: Erotic Romance

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Now Mama and her twin gals have moved into the small house with Jerry, Patsy, and Erica the antics of the adventurous trio reach new heights of erotic activity. The sex is unrelenting even though Patsy is finding it hard to come to terms with Mama's stunning revelation about Erica's birth. However much Jerry tries to bring calm to the household, resentments surface and he attempts to refresh their sex lives with a holiday in the Ohio countryside at Mama's trailers. But does it work? Does Mama hold yet more secrets that are destined to shatters Jerry and his gals for good? From his Pa's entrance in WASTED PAIN to the trio's dynamic introduction in PROTECTION and the horrific events of BODIES, the disturbing story which flourished in MAMA finds another climax in BROKEN SISTERS This fifth episode is certainly thick with sex, but all the while it's the theme of love that stitches Jerry and his gals together. The Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series goes on.