Author: Alexa Verde and Autumn Macarthur

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Billionaire protectors. They'll risk their lives to protect a woman in danger. But will they risk their hearts? When his stepbrother disappears and his niece and nephew are in danger, billionaire security expert Brett Jarvis doesn't hesitate. His responsibility is to keep the twins safe. Even when they come as a package deal with their pretty, faith-filled nanny. Being forced to spend more time with her convinces him he's not the man for her. She's a forever kind of girl, and he can't offer her that. Ashley Lamott won't leave the children she cares for when their lives are threatened. But that means going on the run with their uncle. Surely she can deal with her attraction to the man she's spent the past year avoiding. In her experience, men don't stay around, especially men like Brett. The last thing she wants is to fall for him. But as the danger escalates, she sees beyond Brett's bad-boy reputation to the man he really is. And more, the man he could become if he'll surrender his painful past to God. Can they not only keep the children and Brett's brother safe but let faith and love heal their wounded hearts?