Author: Melissa Belle

Category: New Adult Romance

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Can he prove he's the only man for her? A contemporary cowboy love triangle by USA Today bestselling author Melissa Belle."My favorite Melissa Belle novel hands down!" -- 5-star Amazon Reviewer"I fall in love with a Wild man every time I read about one" -- 5-star Amazon ReviewerLeleila Brayden Wild was my first kiss. The Montana football star with the cowboy boots and sexy tattoo. He salvaged my heart from a bad choice I wish I never made, on a night I wish I could forget. But that was twelve years ago. And since then, I’ve been wise enough to play it safe. Certain. Risk-free. Until I go to the store and spill granola all over…Brayden Wild. He’s still rocking a wild mess of blond hair. He’s still sexy as hell. My smooth reaction? I trip and fall on him. And then I run off like a frightened deer. Because I still WANT him. But I’m getting married in a month. Brayden Leleila Wills. The bookish, teenage girl with the sad, beautiful eyes and killer body who electrified me at first sight—is now a grown woman living here in Mountainview. I finally know her name. I finally have a second chance to ask her out. But I can’t. Because I DON’T go after women who are taken. Ever. I try to focus on coaching my football team and on taking care of things at the ranch. So why can’t I get her the hell out of my head? I tell myself it’s because she needs a friend. I mean, what kind of tool stands up his wife-to-be before their wedding dance class? But the truth is… I like Leleila’s awkward, quirky personality. And I can’t deny how my body’s on fire whenever she’s nearby. I’ve got one month to get to know her the way I wanted to twelve years ago, even if it’s only as her friend. That will have to be enough. So what the hell will I do if it’s not?