Author: Misty Black

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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? A picture book offering practical solutions to help children calm their anxious minds. ?For ages 3-8, preschool to second grade.

Brave has just moved and is sad about leaving his school and friends behind. Going to a new school is scary and Brave is worried.

But his anxiety causes his heart to race and his stomach to ache. When it gets really bad . . .


. . . the worry warts start popping up too!

What’s a brave beaver to do? Can Brave calm his fears to help a new friend who is in trouble?

The author has teamed up with a licensed school counselor. In the back of the book, you'll find coping strategies and practical solutions to help children understand their worries and reduce anxiety.

? Read Brave the Beaver Has the Worry Warts to help your little ones master their BIG emotions today.

Also available in Spanish under Caleb el Castor: Zac e sus amigos