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Do you Want to Discover How to Box, Without Stepping Foot in a Boxing Gym? Well keep reading…

Boxing is a tough sport. This can be intimidating and may prevent you from gaining the mental and physical benefits that boxing brings, and I want to put a stop to this!

Lazy, unmotivated, scared, unfit and helpless are just some of the words that described me very well a few years back. You probably find yourself in that position too, which isn’t the greatest position to be in let’s face it. This is where boxing comes in because it helped me work on myself to turn all of those negative words into positives. Now as a Qualified Boxing Coach, I have published this book to teach you the boxing basics to help you work on yourself!

Boxing provides many benefits that no other sports can offer, and it can easily fit into your busy schedule. The common stereotype of boxing is that it is a violent sport, what if I told you that you can box without fighting?

That’s right, Boxing doesn’t mean you have to get into the ring. Boxing from home is just as good as joining your local gym. You will be able to master the footwork basics, learn how to hold a stance, discover the different punch types and much more just from following this book.

Furthermore, this book is for anyone. Whether you want to fight in the ring, or want to box just for exercise, or if you want to build up your boxing ability at home to gain confidence to join a boxing gym then this book will help you. Many people think that boxing training is just about who can land the most punches in a spar session, but it provides you with a whole-body workout to make you stronger, faster, leaner, more coordinated and mentally tougher.

I have been coaching boxing to beginners for a few years and I am confident to say that you will experience the benefits like a slimmer body and stronger mindset if you follow the advice in this book. I have seen many people start boxing who wouldn’t have been able to hurt a fly on day one, but over weeks of training have built up confidence and ability to win their first fight in front of a crowd of 100, that goes to show that boxing is for anyone.