Author: John Stone

Category: Mysteries

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Emily – a normal student in her final year at university – studies criminology in homage to a loved neighbor she once lost to murder. But when the dark subject matter of her course starts filtering through into her personal life, she doesn’t know where to turn. The mystery deepens when her academic year is interrupted by the arrival of a strange package. With her roommate Grace, Emily opens the box to find a gift – a dark, cryptic gift. The beautifully bound criminology books are a nice surprise, but the strange books on the spirit world and necromancy make her uneasy. Who sent this bizarre present? And what do they want with her? On top of this, Emily has to deal with the mysterious disappearance of her roommate, as well as strange occurrences at the university library. Just who is the green-eyed girl – who lurks among the books – and the helpful older librarian? And why does no one seem to know who they are? Joining forces with new friend Natalie, Emily starts to search for the answers she so desperately needs. A combination of ghost mystery and supernatural thriller, ‘Books of The Dead’ delves into the murky depths of the spirit world, exploring the strange and the just plain bizarre. When Emily’s previously normal life gets this dark, how will she ever find her way back to the light?