Why Should I Make A Book Promo Trailer?

Because if you are promoting your book online, video makes you stand out from the crowd! More shares, more engagement, more links, and wider circulation than a static book cover…


More Videos get shared online than anything else


Facebook is now prioritizing video posts over static posts


A video message cuts through with sound and visuals


The majority of books you're competing with don't have book trailers


(Mainly because book trailers are so expensive!)


Our prices will surprise you!..

Get a 30 second video just like this one for your next book promotion!

Want A Book Trailer for your next Book Promotion but you don’t know how, the cost scares you, and you don’t even know if they work? Let Bookzio help you…

Firstly, I’m not here to persuade you that book trailer videos are a big deal and you’re missing out if you don’t have one. Truth is, you’re a working author and you probably already know the value of book trailer videos – or else you’re on the fence and I’m not here to change that.

The authors I’m interested in hearing from already know they want a book trailer – but you’re struggling with a few things, which are most likely these: cost, quality, concept (what should go in it, what it should look like) and cost…

Cost is a big issue with book trailers – I recently posted a job advert on Upwork using a copy of the book trailer at the top of this page and asked 30+ video creators how much they would charge to create a copy of it for me. The cheapest offer was $300 (and I wasn’t convinced he could do it the way I wanted). The highest offer was $1,000 and a lot of offers in between.

And the majority of the creators only had examples of ‘slide shows’ in their portfolios – no moving images, no 3d, lots of attempts to look like a cheap Hollywood movie trailer – this all got me thinking…

I’m a resourceful guy – I’ve been using Adobe software products since day 1 (I was a graphic designer and art director for 20 years before focusing entirely on writing): I’ll bet I could do a better job than these guys and offer a better price, too.

So, I sat down with my copy of Adobe Design Suite, with Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere (getting too technical for you? Ok, no more of that) and I put together the 30 second video book trailer you see at the top of this page. Not bad, huh?

But that was a few weeks ago and things have progressed!

I’m now putting together a range of templates, along the lines of what you see on this page (updating soon!) – if you like what you see, get in touch and I’ll make one for you, too.

All I need from you is a book cover image, title, genre, 3+ of your best reviews, some great bio text and the dates of your upcoming promo – easy, huh? Oh, and at least a week advance notice! (No overnight service, yet!)…

You can already see what you’ll be getting, so your indecision just evaporated

This is a totally new offer, so I don’t even have a price prepared for it yet – but I’m certainly not charging $300…

So, here’s the deal – if you’re interested, get in touch below and tell me what you’d be prepared to pay. Right now, I’m looking for testimonials and some feedback on what authors like you want from a book trailer video and what you’re prepared to pay. And what price would make you come back again, and again! Please be realistic, remember, NO ONE on Upwork would touch this for less than $300, but I don’t think that’s necessary and I’m an efficient worker!

Thanks for reading – I look forward to hearing from you.



Books Aren't Movies

One (expensive) mistake I see being made with Book Trailer Videos, is authors attempting to create ‘Hollywood Movie-style’ videos – readers won’t buy your book just because the trailer looks good! It needs to tell them something!


Book Trailers are for Sharing!

More videos get shared every day than any other content online. Make a Book Trailer and you’ve a better chance of getting shared – so, don’t go off on a tangent, put your book cover, name, title and best reviews to some music and get shared!


Make your Cover Jump off the page!

Fact is, most authors don’t create book trailers. My guess is because of cost. EVERY Author should spend more on a good cover than any other single element of their book promotion. But, a book video would be a great addition… what if you could make your book stand out without selling the house?…


What Sells Books?

You need to get it right in this order – Great title, great cover, great blurb, great reviews, great price and, if you can – a great reputation – Prioritize these on your book trailer video and you put your book on steroids!


Google, Facebook, YouTube, & You!

Have you noticed something lately? When you search Google or Facebook, videos always seem to appear at the top of the results… There’s a reason for that: Google owns YouTube, and now Facebook is trying to compete – take advantage!


What Makes a GREAT Book Trailer?

Simplicity! People have bought books for 100+ years based on great book covers, blurb, reputation, reviews and price. And they still do online – don’t try to turn your book into a video; just make a video to promote your book! Simple!


Judge EVERY Book by its Cover!

Don’t be fooled by cliche’s – Readers do judge books by their covers! Especially if they haven’t read anything by you before. Make it great, make it memorable and put it in your Book Trailer – again and again and again!


Traffic and Distribution...

Sounds like a haulage industry term, doesn’t it? But what all online marketers know is that Video is GREAT for getting traffic (increasing visits) to a website, or page, and is GREAT for getting a wide audience, including links back to your site or page. Use video to spread the word!

How much would you pay for a 30 sec video like the one on this page?

I'd be happy to pay =


including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to


of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video


of mobile video viewers share videos with others


of users say videos are helpful in their purchase decision-making