Need an AWESOME Book Cover for your Latest Book?

With over 20+ years’ experience, working at the top of the Marketing and Advertising industry — including providing graphic design and promotional services to some of London Theatreland’s most popular and iconic theatrical productions, and top publishers — Team Bookzio is putting together a Book Cover Design Service that is going to blow you away in terms of quality, price and service!

It’s TRUE — Readers DO Judge your book by its Cover!

We all know what a good book cover looks like — they’re easy to recognize, they usually have 5 stars and 1,000+ great reviews next to them on their Amazon page!

Creating one is not so easy…

Recognizing a great designer and knowing how to get the best out of them isn’t so easy, either…

Getting the right price. I mean, NOT handing over the deeds to the farm. Can also be tough…

You thought writing was difficult. Until you had to get a Book Cover designed!

Ideally, what you need is a friend who knows their way around the book market. Someone well-versed in the book promotion world. Someone who knows all the subtle differences between genres and how best to differentiate one from another in a highly saturated marketplace…

But, above all, someone who knows and understands designers. Someone who can:


1. Identify the best designer for your book

It’s not always obvious who is the best designer for your book. You might see a great portfolio of work and think — wow, this is exactly what I want — then, 2 months later you get something that, well, doesn’t look anything like any of the work in the portfolio.

Yes, it’s scandalous but true, designers often have portfolios full of ‘other people’s work!’ 


2. Know how to get the job done!

And even if you are lucky enough to select a great designer, how do you get the best work out of them? You say ‘tomato’ and the designer thinks you mean ‘apples’… or something like that. In any case, even great designers get the wrong end of the stick sometimes. And it’s often the client (YOU) who inadvertently hands them the stick the wrong way around!

Getting a design brief right is an art. There are professionals in the world who specialize in it! They are called ‘project managers’. Some are called ‘account handlers’. And others are simply called ‘Philip’ (that’s me, by the way).

I guess I’ve probably made my point.

And if you’re reading this, then you may well agree with me. Or else, you’re simply looking for a low-priced, high quality book cover design service, with a reliable, professional (and nice) team…

So here it is…

Bookzio Book Cover Design Service

I’ve decided that with the popularity of our (NEW) Book Trailer Video creation service. Bookzio should really be providing the same kind of low-priced, great value, professionally finished, Book Cover design service to our authors.

Why Bookzio?

Well, for a start there are A TON OF BONUSES!

Because not only are we all dedicated Book Lovers, book marketers, book promoters and simply swimming in every manner of books on a daily basis. But we have the technical expertise, and facilities, too.

For example, I’m a trained graphic designer. I spent 4 years at art school after leaving high school and have worked for over 20+ years as a graphic designer, art director and copywriter, for top agencies in the advertising and marketing industries. I’ve done book (and magazine) designs. At one time (for about 3 years actually) I was senior designer for an agency that created the graphics for EVERY West End Theatre production in London. And I mean ALL of them! I worked on graphics for Miss Saigon, Saturday Night Fever, Dr Dolittle, Starlight Express, Cats, Les Miserable... I even did the graphics for the original play Closer which became a film, and Copenhagen. Just to name a few.

So, you see, who better to handle your design work than someone who Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh used?

But I’m not proposing to do it all myself. What I’ve done is reached out to a range of talented and very capable graphic designers who are already working on book covers — and asked them if they would like to on a freelance basis for Bookzio.

They said yes —  because, and they may not tell you this, many of them find it difficult working with clients directly!

When you order a book cover design, I will personally work with you to ensure your brief will get you exactly what you are looking for, and I will coordinate with the designer to ensure they deliver what’s required.

Together, we’ll ensure you get a GREAT BOOK COVER DESIGN!

We’ll agree milestones and deliverables, and ensure your book cover arrives on time. And I will coordinate it all.

NEED SOMETHING MORE? Take a look below at just a few of the BONUSES and added extras you’ll get with this service. MORE TO COME!

The Designers

Below, you will find 3 selections of work, each by one of our 3 current designers (many more to come). If you like what you see, get in touch, tell us which designer you want to use and we’ll go from there. As things progress we will be adding more designers, so please do keep checking in. I hope to be adding another 3+ within the week.


1. Dark & Deadly

Our Horror Book Cover Designer ‘Dark & Deadly’ (Dardly, for short), creates a dark and haunting image by adding color tints and other effects to stock photographs, and bringing out the ‘scary’ in just about anything.

If you;d like our ‘Dardly’ to create a book cover for you (whether you want a horror, fantasy, or mystery design) let us know and use ‘Dark and Deadly’. as your reference.


2. Arrested Development

Our Mysteries and Suspense Cover Designer ‘Arrested Development’ (Alopment, for short), uses strong fonts and text shapes, along with color and tinted stock photographs to produce a powerful image that readers recognise instantly as Crime, Mystery, Suspense and Thriller genre books.

If you’d like our ‘Alopment’ to create a book cover for you (whatever the genre of your book) let us know and use ‘Arrested Development’. as your reference.


3. Modern Romance

Our Contemporary Romance Book Cover Designer ‘Bridget Johnson’ (Bridge, for short), has a knack for creating bright, optimistic and ‘feel-good’ compositions from stock photographs and carefully selected fonts. And colors, of course.

If you’d like our ‘Bridge’ to create a book cover for you (whatever your genre) let us know and use ‘Modern Romance’. as your reference.

What to do next?

Like what you see? Just fill out the contact form below, tell us which designer you want to use and I’ll reply with more details. It’s as easy as that. Nothing to pay until we’ve agreed.

Want a book cover designer but don’t see what you want here?

Get in touch! I have another 3-6 designers lined up, with different skills and styles. Or else perhaps I can help you myself — it costs nothing to get in touch!

My Offer to You


I'll send you a short form to fill out with your book details, and a series of questions which will guide you in creating a rock solid design brief!


I'll liaise between you, your brief and our design team to ensure total satisfaction


I'll present you with initial 'draft' designs which you will choose from, and we will move forward with one


FREE BONUS 1: I'll create a 3D Version of your book for promotional purposes


FREE BONUS 2: I'll Create a Promotional Image showing your NEW Book Cover with a promotional message so you can upload it to your Facebook or Twitter account




BONUS 4: Want A Book Trailer Video? I'll create one for your new book for just $75


BONUS 5: I'll create a Promotional FACEBOOK and TWITTER Social Media Cover with your book for just $20


BONUS 6: Need Book Blurb? Special Prices for Book Cover Design Customers!


BONUS 7: Need a Press Release for your Book Launch? Special Rates!


BONUS 8: Need Front, Back and Spine Designed for Hard Copies? Add-Ons Available!

…and, because this is a completely NEW Bookzio offer, I’m asking you how much you want to pay!

If you’d like me to write your Book Blurb, make contact below:

How much would you pay for a Professionally Designed Book Cover?

I'd be happy to pay =