Author: Josephine Dillon

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One devil, one angel, and two brothers, born thousands of years apart, will serve together in a timeless experiment uniting them for one purpose.Book 8 of 9 in the Blue Series. As the next installment in the Blue Series, Volume 7 starts by backtracking to the beginning of the first Fall of Angels as it coincides with the creation of Ninth Hell. In the aftermath, Azmodeus and Gabriel remain connected from two separate worlds, each determined to dominate and control the other in a dangerous game of demonic lust mixed with angelic caution.David and Dillon continue to grow and harness their powers as they each attempt to break away from what is Divinely Ordained to pursue their own individually corrupt destinies. Rising up swiftly, only to fall down on their own terms, they will soon suffer the consequences of a disapproving, Omnipotent Audience.(Contains graphic sexual content, violence, profanity and homosexual content)