Author: Joshua C. Cook

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Blood of a Fallen God is the award winning start of an incredible epic fantasy series that has readers hooked.The Reach has been a major mining town for as long as anyone in Alos can remember. Once, it was a grand and powerful city. But when the god of craft and creation fell, so too did the Reach. Now the Reach is surrounded by the Mistlands, dangerous territory populated by corrupted humans who live for blood.The Reis family has always lived in the Reach. And Duncan Reis is happy to stay there, searching ruins for artifacts and jewelry and being a headache to the parents of all the girls in town. But his cousin Will has bigger dreams: Will wants to be the first Reacher ever accepting to the Smithing Guild. It's been his dream for his whole life--and it was his father's dream, too, before he died.Will can only see one way to convince the Smithing Guild to accept a Reacher. He steals a shard of a dead god's blood to use in his audition piece. But there's something more than mere bad luck keeping Reachers out of the Guild, and Will's actions will unleash a series of events that can end only one way.The Gods are moving. Change is coming to the world. The Forgemaster Cycle begins. "The story pulled me in and wouldn't let go""The start of a must-read series""If you enjoy fantasy novels, you enjoy a nice taste of horror, and you enjoy the darker elements that come in play then this book is a must get! You will not be disappointed!""I loved this story! The plot is incredible and weaves a number of different threads together to create a full tapestry. Sword and Sorcery, Magic and Gods along with trials and tribulations make for excellent reading that just draws you in.""The author jammed packed with everything you could want in a story: relatable characters, action, suspense, world-building, and that addiction factor. This is a series that will stay with you as all great books do.""The book starts fast and does not slow down from start to finish. It will be on my read again list. Only three authors are on that list: Tolkien, David Eddings, Robert Crane and now to add Joshua Cook.""You will be hooked!"