Author: William W. Johnstone

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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Survivors of a nuclear holocaust battle a dangerous religious cult in this post-apocalyptic adventure from a USA Today–bestselling author.   After nuclear apocalypse brought civilization to its knees, one man rose up to lead a once-great nation out of the ashes. When everything fell apart, it was Ben Raines, heroic soldier and survival expert, who became the leader that freedom-loving, law-abiding people everywhere could rally around. Now a bloodthirsty religious cult called the Ninth Order is spreading a doctrine of hate across the land. Soulless and sadistic, they're sending their fanatical armies against Raines and his Rebels, plotting treachery within his own ranks. If their terrible plan succeeds, Ben Raines will die...and so will all his dreams for the future of America.  Fourth in the long-running series!