Author: Natalie Vecchione and Cindy LaJoy

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When you are homeschooling an older child or teen with developmental disabilities or who is on a path that does not include post-homeschool academia, it can be a confusing, isolating and uncertain journey. What are my teen’s strengths or unique gifts? What will my teen do after homeschool is done? Years ago, Natalie Vecchione (NC) and Cindy LaJoy (CO) were faced with these exact questions in the respective families. With both of their families having teens diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Natalie and Cindy (separately, but at the same time) had important decisions to make. How would they homeschool their teens, knowing that they would not pursue college or university after homeschool? REINVENTION! Both Cindy and Natalie learned, in their respective homeschool journeys, if there were no paths meant for their teens…then they would begin BLAZING NEW HOMESCHOOL TRAILS!