Black Wedding by Emma Luna

Author: Emma Luna

Category: Erotic Romance

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Ruthless, feisty, incredibly sexy, and far from the timid daddy’s girl I was expecting.
Black Wedding is a dark mafia, kidnapping, marriage of convenience, enemies-to-lovers romance. This book features dark themes which may be a trigger for some people. For more information on triggers please see the front of the book.
Black Wedding is the first book in the Beautifully Brutal series, which follows an Irish Mafia Family as they fight to keep their power. Each book is about a different sibling and the person they fall in love with. So while each couple will get their HFN in their book, there are main plots and themes that run throughout the main books in the series. Therefore, all main books in the series should be read in order.
Black Wedding
Trust In Me
Fighting To Be Free
The Time Is Now
The Lies That Shatter
Together We Reign
Please Note - Dangerously Deceptive and The Ties We Break are prequels that are set before the events of Black Wedding. They do not have to be read in order to follow the main plot line. However, they do give back stories to some of the main characters, and reading them will give you extra info.
Dangerously Deceptive is Kellan’s backstory and should be read after Black Wedding, but before Trust In Me.
The Ties We Break gives you an insight into Kian and Desmond’s backstory, and should be read after Trust In Me, but before Fighting To Be Free.