Black Eyes & Blue Lines by Heather C. Myers

Author: Heather C. Myers

Category: New Adult Romance

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He drives her crazy - and not in a good way. But she can't get him out of her head.
Katella Hanson hasn't made the best choices. After her grandfather was murdered, her boyfriend and first line center of the Newport Beach Seagulls, breaks up with her because he can't handle it anymore - whatever that means - and demands to be traded to a different team. When he comes back a year later in order to practice with the team, Katella goes into a downward spiral, hooking up with another team mate and then breaking things off once he found someone he was more serious with.
She's a hot mess and she needs to get her act together.
It doesn't help that one of the team's new acquisitions, James Negan, is the biggest jerk she's ever met. Sure, he's sort of good looking in a rough way and he's an excellent hockey player. But he's a jackass and Katella has sworn off hockey players.
Until he kisses her one afternoon in the team's gym.
Now, he's all she can think about, even with her ex coming back to the team and trying to make up for leaving her.
The AllStar weekend is coming up, and for the Gulls, that means doing their annual AllStar Auction, where the general population pay an obscene amount of money to come bid on a date with each player, raise money for charity, and congratulate the team's AllStar selection. Katella doesn't expect to bid on Negan but she does. And she wins. Negan owes her a date and he's all too happy to oblige. Now, Katella must sort out her residual feelings for her ex, this new attraction to a man she thought she hated, and decide what she really wants at the end of the day.

Warning: This novel deals with Alpha male hockey players who aren't afraid to swear, get rough, and fight for the women they love. Don't read if you like your heroes polite, refined, and restrained.