Author: Mary Hughes

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Logan is muscular, graceful, and deadly. A gift of pure sex appeal wrapped with a golden bow. I already don’t trust men and Logan’s arrival at my Blood Center may put me out of a job. None of that seems to matter when his smile stuns me, his kisses crank me to broil, and his bites rocket me to heaven (fangy bites, which, if I weren’t grounded in science, would make me think ampire-Vay).One thing’s for sure—Logan’s got secrets. Troubles with a long-lost household, a mysterious enemy going by the corny vampire name Lord Ruthven and an even more mysterious ally with a voice like a dark cave called the Ancient One. Between my past and all those secrets I can’t trust Logan, no matter how many times he says “Liese, I love you”—but if I don’t trust him, it may cost me my life.Each book in the Biting Love series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.Series Order:Book #1: Bite My FireBook #2: Biting NixieBook #3: The Bite of Silence novellaBook #4: Biting Me SoftlyBook #5: Biting OzBook #6: Beauty BitesBook #7: DownbeatBook #8: Assassin’s BiteBook #9: Passion Bites