Author: Edna Curry

Category: Contemporary Romance

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She stood beside him, her perfume drifting into his breathing space. He couldn't avoid noticing her nearness. Awareness prickled along his skin, raising goose-bumps on his arms. He felt her watching him and lifted his eyes to meet hers. He read regret and raw need there, matching his own. Slowly he rose to his feet and stepped closer to her, holding her gaze with his own. When she didn't move away, he put his arms around her and molded her body to his. For a moment she stiffened, then softened and allowed her body to fit into the planes of his. They fit together exactly right, as they always had. It felt like coming home. Tipping his head, he kissed her, first in soft, testing nibbles, then hungrily. His pulse sped up and his heart thudded. He felt as though he'd been starving and now tasted his first food in weeks. She answered his kisses with as much need as his. For a long minute, he enjoyed the taste and feel of her, indulged the fantasies that had been driving him crazy since he first knew she was back. At last he lifted his head and looked down into her hazel eyes. She stared back at him, looking dazed and wondering. "God, Tami, I missed you!" he said, his voice coming out in a croak. "Why did we ever separate?" "I don't know," she answered, sounding desperate and frustrated. "I don't know." He stroked a finger lightly along one blonde brow, smoothing back the silky hairs. "The old magic is still there, isn't it?" "Yes," she said through kiss swollen lips, her voice trembling. "But then, I never did have the sense God gave a goose." Panic surged in his gut as he felt her stiffen in his arms. "What is that supposed to mean?" She pulled away. "It means, this is going nowhere, Cal."

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