Begrudged by R. B. Fields

Author: R. B. Fields

Category: Paranormal Romance

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As a teenager, I watched my mother die. I never thought her killers would come back for me…with fangs.
Me and my hive of hot-as-hell vampires are finally finding our groove, but I guess all good things have to be tested. So, I’m not entirely shocked when I find out I’m supposed to be part of some vampire prophecy. You see, some vamps think I might be the key to destroying the entire vampire race because of hunter’s blood I never knew I possessed. Oh yeah, and my mother’s blade might be the only thing on earth capable of slicing through vampire flesh.
No big deal.
All I have to do is convince a vampire cult that I can be trusted despite my deadly potential, while protecting four vampires that I’ve come to love.
My blood is poison. My connection to the hive is a compulsive addiction.
What’s a hunter to do?
The Born of Darkness series is high steam reverse harem paranormal romance with a female hunter, her four fated vampire mates, and stimulating MFMMM scenes. Why choose? Fans of Anita Blake will love this series.