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You get FREE reads now…And instantly start on romance series.Get swept away in the glitz and glamour and let me know if you prefer billionaires or princes….Secret CrushBillionaire FBI agent John goes home to his father’s funeral and re-meets Alice, his sister’s best friend. But when he falls for the down to earth farmer’s daughter, he brings trouble and drama into her world- but her sweet kisses are worth protecting.Forbidden CrownPrince Antonio must find a wife or forfeit his throne within two weeks. Grad student Kristin is willing to fill the role, but playing princess-to-be leads to more excitement than she expects — especially when their red-hot chemistry makes faking a romance so easy…Tempting GabeFalling in love with his enemy wasn't part of the plan...Irresistibly LostAaden was in love but he listened to his mother and left his bride to be. However he comes back as he was wrong. Can he convince the one he lost to give him a second chance?You’ll love these contemporary romances to start these series, because everyone loves to answer the question… billionaire or prince or maybe a little of both???Get it now.