Author: Catherine DeMonte

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"Beep! Beep! Get Out of My Way: Seven Tools for Powerful Creation & Living Your Unstoppable Life" is based on the seven transformative tools from the Abundance Circle groups created by psychotherapist Catherine DeMonte which shifted her clients into manifesting mavens!
Most people have something they long to have and feel incomplete without, the “One Big Thing” that feels etched with desire in their soul: perhaps a partner, a successful career, or more peace. It can be manifested when we do our inner work to remove blocks and heal limiting stories about ourselves. What emerges from this deep dive is your more authentic self. A better version of yourself. More lit up, more fully empowered and more confident because you are aligned with your purpose and are able to trust your inner voice.
“Beep! Beep!” explains exactly why we are often capable of manifesting the small things we desire in life but the big one etched in our soul remains elusive for so long. It shares the stories of people who were able to manifest what their heart deeply desired that had been elusive for years, even when the odds seemed impossible. It’s a self-help book firmly grounded in reality and shows the reader how to do the real work that creates lasting change.