Author: Astrid V.J.

Category: Fantasy

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Leaving behind all they know, Elisabeth and her brother, Edvard, flee beyond the mountains.

Elisabeth must break the mind-link her stepmother, Olivia, has forged or else the kingdom of Vendale will fall into ruin while the love of her life becomes a puppet to the witches’ coven. In an attempt to force Elisabeth and Edvard to return, Olivia sends her magic after them, pursuing them with all the force of her power and transforming Edvard into a creature of the forest. Elisabeth succumbs to despair and Edvard sets out to find help. He meets an unexpected deliverer, with whose help the siblings embark on a journey of discovery, learning about the forest and a world they hardly knew existed.

Can Elisabeth break the mind-link? Can Edvard overcome his prejudices? For the sake of Vendale and the home they fled, brother and sister must face their demons, rise to the occasion, and discover how to defeat the witches.

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