Author: Megan Isbell

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Life has never been easy for Samantha Everly. Starting with a childhood of fear and neglect, it has always just been Sam and her sister finding their way through life. So far, they’ve made it, but her past is always in the back of her mind, reminding her of what used to be and how she never wants it to be again.It’s no wonder Sam finds herself in a situation where she is left to wonder if love and kindness exist or is it just a delusion? One night changes everything and at her lowest point, a ray of hope enters her life in the form of Gabriel Torres, a Boston cop, who starts to show her maybe there are some good men in the world and maybe she actually deserves one. Be a part of Sam’s journey in Because of You, a story of finding faith in others, learning to love yourself and being stronger than you think you are. While there is no explicit sexual content or language, it does deal with a mature subject matter. Due to that, this book is recommended for readers over 18.