Author: Neville Goddard

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Most men are totally unaware of the creative power of imagination and invariably bow before the dictates of 'facts' and accepts life on the basis of the world without. But when you discover this creative power within yourself, you will boldly assert the supremacy of imagination and put all things in subjection to it.It is believed that all men can change the course of their lives. By our imagination, by our affirmations, we can change our world, we can change our future. If we strive passionately to embody a new and higher concept of ourselves, then all things will be at our service.CONTENTS:1. Be What You Wish2. By Imagination We Become3. Answered Prayer4. Meditation5. The Law of Assumption6. Truth7. Stone, Water or Wine?8. Feeling is the Secret9. Affirm the Reality of Our Own GreatnessABOUT THE AUTHOR:Neville Goddard is well known as one of the most influential teachers and writers of metaphysical work. Neville was born on 19 February, 1905 in Barbados. He was the fourth child in a family of nine boys and one girl. In 1922, Neville came to the United States to study drama at the age of seventeen. During his entertaining tour in England as a vaudeville dancer and stage actor, he developed a great interest in metaphysics. Hence, he gave up his entertainment job and devote fully to the study of metaphysics and spiritual matters. Neville gives the readers the necessary tools to understand and manifest what they desire in their lives.