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SallyTo the outside world, this city girl has it all: her own business, an upscale condo, plenty of money in the bank. After losing her mother to cancer, she’s lonely and longing for a family. A deathbed confession and a violent attack cause her to run from the only life she knows.NolanTo the outside world, this country boy has it all: his own business, the pleasures of small town living, plenty of money in the bank. After losing his wife to cancer, he’s lonely and longing to love again, but his feet are firmly planted in the town his ancestors founded. Sally is city; Nolan is country. The only thing they have in common is losing someone they love to cancer, but is that enough to build a relationship? Can these two opposites overcome their differences and become one?Welcome to small town romance—with heat! Introducing the “Finding Love in Green Springs” series, set in the small southern town of Green Springs, Mississippi, where the days are hot and the nights are hotter!