Batch Baking by Cynthia Barcomi

Author: Cynthia Barcomi

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Batch bake so you can get ahead and create yummy home-baked goods in no time at all!
Batch-baking, like batch-cooking, is all about making enough in advance to enable a quick transformation with little to no effort. A quantity of dough can either be chilled or frozen to be baked later, while a dry mix can be pulled from the shelf to create delicious treats at a moment's notice. This user-friendly approach then allows you to bake small amounts of pastries, pizzas, or cookies, without having to start from scratch - not only saving you time but washing up, too!
In this ebook, baker and TV chef Cynthia Barcomi shares over 70 of her tried-and-tested dough, batter, pastry, and frosting recipes, including advice on working with doughs (with and without yeast), plus refrigeration and storage. There will be vegan recipes throughout, making this a truly revolutionary way to bake!