Author: Sharon Hamilton

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Navy SEAL Jake Green wakes up in the Honeymoon Suite at the Desert Oasis Motel in Las Vegas and can’t remember how he got there. But that’s not the only thing he doesn’t remember. A bachelor, his left hand now sports a gold wedding ring. The last thing he needs is another wife, since he's already fathered four children and been "married" three times. He loves the babies, it's the ladies he finds hard to handle.Ginger Green has never stopped loving Jake. Being Wife #1, she decides Jake is worth trying one more time to give them all a second chance at love. She combines charm and stealth to repair the family that was torn asunder through a misunderstanding.But her plans take on lethal consequences when she is left unprotected during Jake's deployment, and a sworn enemy combatant find himself transplanted on US soil, seeking revenge.