Balloon: Altitude by Christopher Keith

Author: Christopher Keith

Category: Science Fiction

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"A steady flow of nail-biting action and plenty of surprising twists. Sci-fi fans interested in post-apocalyptic surprises and the adventure of travel to the edge of our atmosphere will relish this high-tension thriller." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
"A delightful suspense atmosphere. I recommend this book to all those who like apocalyptic stories about survivalism and primitive instincts." THE ONLINE BOOK CLUB
"I am a major enthusiast and expert in atmospheric flight and spaceflight, so this was a true delight to read." AFAF BEN
Great things never come from comfort zones. In an era of exploration like never before, they must rise to the challenge. And dare to fall.
Fable Sky, the world’s largest zero-pressure helium balloon, embarks on its inaugural flight into the stratosphere.
The space tourism project has taken many years, the assembly of a highly trained crew and a small fortune to get off the ground. If everything goes well, it will be a flight of discovery and transformation, a triumph of the human imagination. Furthermore, the commercial possibilities will ensure a prosperous future, targeting people yearning for a taste of space.
When the mission is turned upside down at 138,000 feet, things quickly spin out of control, leaving the crew stranded and vulnerable. It will need the project leader and captain, Will, to draw on all his experience and pull them together for an event that could change the course of human history – and possibly end it.
Balloon is a masterful, fast-paced adventure with a crisis that cannot be resolved, action that never slows down, and a world like you’ve never seen before.