Author: Shanna Bell

Category: Erotic Romance

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This box set includes 3 books in the steamy Bad Romance series, featuring dominant, alpha males and sassy, strong heroines. Don't you want to read a bad, bad romance?This box set contains books 1-3.BOOK 1: The LeaderHIM...I will avenge my parents’ deaths.I will make those who are responsible suffer.All I need is her; the key to my plans.HER...I’m going to leave everything behind and start over.I won’t bow down to anyone.The last thing I need is him; the shackles to my freedom.BOOK 2: The EnforcerHIM...In real life, the Beast doesn’t end up with Beauty. So I have to stay away from her.Even if it will kill me to see her with another man.HER...He thinks I can’t handle him.But I know what I want.I will wear him down if it’s the last thing I do.BOOK 3: The GamblerHIM...I will get out from behind these bars.I’ll make those who put me here pay. All I need is her; the lock to my cell.HER...I’m a geeky hacktivist; the internet is my oyster.But that’s not going to save my family.I need him; a Kraken to beat a shark.Game on...

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