Author: Suzy K. Quinn

Category: Humor

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“I will do anything for my little girl. Even spend Christmas with her father …”
Juliette Duffy is struggling with motherhood. First, there are the little things. She suspects most mothers drink fewer pints of Guinness than she does. And don’t do emergency clothing washes with wet-wipes and Febreeze. Or eat their child’s advent calendar chocolates, then replace them with Mentos.

Then there’s the big thing. Most mothers live with the father of their child.
Sadly, Nick, did not turn out to be the supportive, bread-winning family man type. In fact, he was a promiscuous teenage boy, cunningly disguised as a middle-aged actor in tight jeans and bright trainers.

Now Juliette is seeing her childhood sweetheart, but it’s early days. Christmas is coming and Nick is determined to mess up Juliette’s chances of romantic happiness. Will Juliette’s ex-partner ruin her new relationship AND Christmas day? He’d better not. Or he’s going to lose some jingle balls.