Author: Michael MacMahon

Category: Business & Finance

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'Back to the Black ... how to become debt-free and stay that way', is for anyone worried about debt and wanting to know how to manage the situation. It’s also for anyone who feels they'd like to be better at planning their lives and their finances.The author is a coach and therefore he addresses the subject as a coach or a counsellor would. Anyone reading this book will also learn that approach; and will therefore learn strategies for handling stress, for formulating a plan and for improving the skills of budgeting. You’ll find out how to fix a repayment schedule that’ll shorten the time until you are debt-free; and discover some simple ways to track your spending … while still enjoying life!After reading this book you will feel more confident of your ability to handle your debt situation…and you’ll have a plan for doing so. You’ll soon discover how to evaluate your current circumstances; how to set realistic goals for reducing your debt; how to develop a list of options; and how to calculate your discretionary income.This book also has a comprehensive Resources section that outlines what further support is available to help ensure that after reading 'Back to the Black’ - and hopefully following its advice - you will keep up the good work and remain debt-free.