Bachelorette Party: The Complete Series by Rochelle Paige

Author: Rochelle Paige

Category: New Adult Romance

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This collection has hockey hotties galore, a fake bachelorette party with a very real suck-for-a-buck shirt, an accidental marriage in Vegas, a damsel in distress, and more! The set includes all of the stories from the Bachelorette Party series, plus an extra scene from Andrew & Jocelyn's honeymoon.
Sucked Into Love:
Andrew knows that he wants Jocelyn the moment he lays eyes on her, but he's never been one to poach on another man's territory. He walks away but finds himself changed by the experience. Imagine his surprise when he sees her again, only to discover she isn't married and has never even been engaged.
Checked Into Love:
Not a single night has gone by without dreams of the fiery redhead Jason met in a bar months ago. When he finally sees her again at a friend’s bachelorette party, he’s ready to do what it takes to keep her right where she belongs by his side.
Mixed Into Love:
Dating guys from the bar is something Addilyn has never been tempted to do. Until Dane. With a little nudge in his direction from a bachelorette, she finds herself saying yes...and winds up with more than she bargained for!
Slapped Into Love:
This hot hockey player was skilled on and off the ice, but a sexy speedskater was going to make Ryan even better.
Married Into Love:
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there, and somehow this hockey hottie found himself married to a stranger.
Chased Into Love:
This steadfast guy stayed away from trouble, until it came barreling Mark's way in a tempting package.
Bounced Into Love:
This smoking-hot bouncer felt like his hands were still dirty after the things he’d seen and done as a collector for a Las Vegas bookie, but that didn’t mean Jaxson was going to let his red-haired angel go.