Author: Olivia Michael

Category: Parenting & Family

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Discover baby sign language in just 5 easy steps…

Showing parents how to teach their (6 month old +) baby sign language.

This book includes up-to-date research and information to start you and your baby communicating Today!

When teaching your baby sign language, you can also help prevent their frustration, relieve fussiness, crying, develop communication, boost their brainpower, and further open their developing minds to the art of communication.

FREE...BONUS!... Taken from the author's second book, The Little Potty Training book

There is a free chapter included, How to teach your child the 5 essential Potty Training Signs, with fast results.

Get simple information on how to teach your baby ASL (American Sign Language).

Also, learn the ONE thing that you must NEVER do!

This is a smart baby development book for your growing child. Designed with simple-to-learn illustrations short descriptions and new techniques.

This book was designed to make signing for you and your baby easy, but even more importantly lots of fun.

Sign language allows your baby to show you some of the things they are thinking, and lets you share some of your thoughts with them.

Get it now! and start communicating...