If You Want to Sell More Books, You Need Your Own Author Website and Mailing List…

Yes, it’s possible to ‘survive’ as an author, with just a Facebook or Twitter account, and your author page on Amazon – but there’s a reason why all the bestselling authors have websites and mailing lists…

Building a Website is Challenging – Especially if you only want to write books!

Not so long ago, people would dream of becoming an author – and those who tried would struggle to get published. Then struggle to make any money after their publisher took their commission. There were so many barriers to entry that most writers never got beyond the dream…

The internet changed all that.

Now, anyone with a book in them simply has to write it, format it, get a cover designed, upload it to Amazon and you’re in business!

Unfortunately, though, that’s where the hard work really starts. There are millions of authors doing the exact same thing. And there are millions of books on Amazon (and everywhere else) all competing with each other for the attention of the reading public.

It used to be the publishers’ job to promote, market and distribute your books. But as we’ve all become self-publishers, it’s now our job. And it’s not as easy as it looks!

And when you followed your dream to become a novelist, your dream didn’t include becoming a marketer, a website designer, and an IT expert. But those are the skills you will need if you want to do it all yourself.

But you don’t need to –

My Offer to You


I'll Buy Your Domain Name For You (.com or which ever you prefer)

We can discuss which domain name you’d like, although usually your Author name is best, and I can do a search and let you know what’s available. Then I’ll Buy The Domain Name For You!


I'll Create Your Account With A Domain Name Registrar

I’ll set you up with an account on one of the main domain name registrars (Namecheap or GoDaddy). Once the domain name is purchased, I will manage all the settings, then pass the account over to you – you won’t have to do a thing!


I'll Create A Hosting Account For You On Siteground - Bookzio's own hosting provider!

Siteground is a highly reputable web hosting service. I’ll set up your account and pay for the first year’s hosting for you.


I'll Install WordPress on your hosting account

WordPress is the premier website platform. Bookzio is built on WordPress – and so are about 70% of websites on the web!


I'll Design Your Website

If you have an idea of how you want your site to look, then let me know and I’ll see if I can do it for you. I have a wide range of design resources which mean I can provide a GREAT website design for you. EG I have a developer license with Elegant Themes, who produce the highly acclaimed ‘Divi’ theme – so I could use this for your site, if you wished.


You'll Be Able To Login to Your Own Admin Area and Create / Edit Any Page on Your Website

You’ll have full access to your website’s control panel, which is a lot easier to use than the hosting dashboard! And you can create and edit any page you want.


I'll Link Up Your Site To All Your Social Media Accounts

By linking your site to all your social media accounts your visitors will be able to quickly ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you, and you’ll easily be able to post from your site to your social media.


I'll Install Some Essential Plugins (WordPress Add-ons) to Increase Your Site's Effectiveness

One of the many great benefits of using the WordPress Platform is the massive number of ‘plugins’ – specialist additional functions and features which can be ‘plugged in’ to WordPress and make it even better!


I'll Set up An Email Hosting Account For You To Start Building Your Subscriber List

I’ll create a ‘starter account’ for you on one of the major email hosting platforms (Mailchimp, Aweber, Direct Response) and link it up to a contact form on your site so you can start building your subscriber list.

Fast Action-Taker BONUSES:

I won’t be able to offer these to everyone – so, first come, first served!


I'll Provide Technical Support for the First Year

If you have any technical problems I’ll help you. And whilst you continue using the Siteground hosting I set you up on, I will continue to provide technical support. VALUE = $100s+


I'll Ensure Your NEW Site Appears on Page 1 of Google!

I’ll ensure that if anyone searches for your website name they’ll see your website on the first page of Google. EG: Your Author name plus the word ‘author’, so ‘John Grisham author’. VALUE = $100+


I'll Give You ONE FREE PREMIUM Book Promotion on Bookzio.com !

You’ll get a Premium Promotion PLUS Featured Listing  Upgrade PLUS posting on Free99Books.com Upgrade! VALUE = $69

I hope you agree, I’ve put together a great deal here, which not only takes all the burden off you, but provides Massive Value…and, because this is a completely NEW Bookzio offer, I’m asking you how much you want to pay!

The Truth is, I simply couldn’t do this for less than $200. But if you’ve ever tried to just get a website designed, you’ll know the starting price is at least $500 – and that wouldn’t include anything else I’ve put into this package.

So, If you’re interested in having me design, or redesign, your website – and make it work! – make contact below and let me know what this package is worth to you:

How much would you pay me to Design and Set up Your Website?

I'd be happy to pay =