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Do you want to make the magic of love last?... one day it happens that we are "atomically" attracted to someone.The magic is mutual and Love is born!... those who live airhead this moment, let themselves be carried away by the whirlwind of emotions and ... tend to take for granted that everything will last forever.Unfortunately this is not always the case.Witness the high divorce rate worldwide.How many times have you suffered so much because a love relationship you cared about was over? How long, after the break, all the reality around you lost color, nothing was as stimulating as before and ... how long did you spend trying to understand why it was over? How long did it take you to get up again?To make a love relationship last ... you need to learn and practice some simple but fundamental principles every day.That's what you'll learn by reading Atomic Attraction.… It’s easy, fruitful and fun!In this book the authors wants to share the laws of love derived from their long personal and professional experience.... the recipe to make the Love last and live happily together!INSIDE YOU’LL DISCOVER:How to achieve the happy love relationship that everyone wants.What happens when you do not want to work and why.What gets in the way of a lasting relationship.A new language of love.What a love map is, and how do we make our own.How to move within a relationship.How to not become stagnate by accepting another’s influence.How to overcome trouble and blocks.How to create a shared meaning.Everything you need to know to let work and to make last your love relationship and to be happy for so long, is written here.Discover the secrets revealed in Atomic Attraction and live your Love for so long!… or prepare yourself to attract it!When we have a happy love relationship and we feel loved and supported, in some way, we feel invincible, we have the feeling that everything is possible and that even the most complex problems are more solvable.Buy Atomic Attraction now and conquest a happy long Love and a happy long Life!!!