Author: Willow Mason

Category: Fantasy

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I'm a fairy godmother, turned vampire, assigned to protect a detective sergeant determined to wipe out my entire nest.

That's the TL;DR version, anyway.

Born without wings, I was never considered suitable for the tidy assignments my compatriots scored from the high council. Instead, I mucked around on the low rungs of the ladder, taking piecemeal work that earned me a reputation as a Ms Fixit.

But when a dead policeman (don't ask) seeks my help to solve a string of murders, I find myself investigating a crime syndicate of paranormal proportions. A situation that's not improved when I wake one morning sprouting a set of long-desired wings—vampiric in nature.

Now the dead cop's partner wants us to team up to hunt down the very bats who turned me. If I don't die in the attempt to kill them, I might very well perish when he stakes my "bat-daddy."

I'm all for solving crime… just not at my expense. But if I don't help, who knows what the man will get up to on his lonesome? Better the devil you know than waking up one morning with a wooden splinter through the you-know-what.