Author: Richard Denoncourt

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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Michael Cairne never asked to be born, especially not with a dangerous psychic ability that would manifest during puberty and turn him into a freak. Born in a military research facility, he would have grown up in a cage had his mother not sacrificed her life to smuggle him out. Now capable of dominating minds telepathically, he is also prone to "episodes" in which he becomes unstable, causing psychic harm to those around him.

The tyrant who designed his brain to be a weapon of mass destruction wants him back. Finding himself on the run from shady government agents, Michael doesn't know who to trust. The military wants to dissect him; a rag-tag group of rebels wants to train him; a beautiful girl named Arielle wants to save him; and the other outcasts in his new home - a hidden mountain community in the post-nuclear ruins of Colorado - think he's a killer who will never learn to control his dark side.

Maybe they're right. Michael is obsessed with getting revenge against the man who killed his mother - the same all-powerful dictator who has just unleashed a ruthless telepathic assassin to hunt Michael down by exploiting his greatest weakness: his love for a girl who will change him in ways he never imagined.



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