Author: Michael Stephen Fuchs

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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With over a half-million copies sold, the ARISEN series is said by readers to be: "the wildest and best rollercoaster I've ever been on"... "Pulse-pounding action at a relentless pace"... "THE ABSOLUTE BEST FREAKING SERIES IN THIS GENRE"... "the most unputdownable military zombie apocalypse arc ever"... "for adrenaline junkies only"... "A full-on express elevator to hell!!!"... "A one-of-a-kind ZA opus. The indomitable warrior spirit shines through from start to finish"... "the best I have ever read in apocalypse fiction of any kind"... "Riveting. Full of horror and beauty"... "These guys are the juggernauts of their genre"... "the best of the best! Sweeping, epic, engaging, and thrilling"... "keeps on delivering action, thrills & destruction at every turn"... "Just one more page, I say, then it's 2am again"... "Another literary heart attack" ARISEN : NEMESIS is now an Amazon #1 bestseller in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction and #1 in Dystopian. Can be read as a stand-alone novel, an intro to the series, or at any point alongside the main series. ARISEN Hope Never Dies. Between the fall of man and the arrival of the JFK, the Horn of Africa is a battleground. Salvation. Vengeance. Vanity. NEMESIS