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Filled with apple pie recipes for any occasion, The Apple Pie Cookbook features recipes that you can use to add little extra excitement to any gathering or event.
Inside the Apple Pie Cookbook you will find:
• APPLE PIE HISTORY. You’ll discover how apples got to America, the story of apple drinks and apple cakes.
• EAT A DELICIOUS AND FLAVORFUL APPLE PIE EVERY HOLIDAY. Homemade apple cake recipes will allow you to enjoy a crisp crumble and a tender filling any time.
• EVERY PIECE OF PIE LOOKS TASTY. Beautiful photos, easy-to-follow instructions, useful tips, nutritional value will represent you the ready coveted product.
• HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO COOK? Each recipe is provided by cooking and preparation time.
• YOU KNOW WHAT TO BUY. For your convenience, we’ve put the shopping list and indicated used utensil for the perfect baking.
• FIND ANY RECIPE EASILY. You can find any liked recipe in the Table of Content by the main ingredients, or at the Recipe Index alphabetically.
This homemade pie book will serve as an excellent start-point for beginners aiming to grow in the baking business.
The apple pie recipes contained in this cookbook are merely unique and unrivaled –there are not easily come by, and with these recipes listed in this book, you can bake sweet-smelling, nicely textured, saliva-dropping cake with hassles! The terms used in the book were communicated in a simple, readable format by the author, with pictures attached to most of the recipes, to boost the reader’s comprehension.
Each recipe outlined in this book was carefully researched and well represented, with niceties that give your pies the perfection it deserves. No doubt! The cookbook is sure to make an excellent addition to your cooking collection.
Whatever toppings you prefer, however many apples are ideal for you, apple pie is a dish that we all learn to love young and then continue to enjoy throughout the rest of our lives.
Share your love of apple pie – and let it grow and blossom further! – with The Apple Pie Cookbook, a baking book to the dinner everyone is always in the mood for!
The Apple Pie Cookbook – Share Your Passion for Good Taste & Fun!