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Connect to the wisdom of the mountains and become a more powerful witch
Appalachian witchcraft is a melting pot of magical practices that are united by a deep reverence for the land and traditions of Appalachia. Part reference guide and part spell book, Appalachian Witchcraft for Beginners is filled with introductory information and easy-to-follow rituals for witches of all backgrounds. You’ll discover how to harness the magic of the mountains as you connect with the culture of Appalachia, practice folk healing, and manifest your desires.
Demystify the practice—Learn about the origins of Appalachian witchcraft and how it differs from other forms of magic, then expand your understanding of signs and omens, Appalachian traditions, and the role of the modern witch.
Prepare for spellcasting—Find guidance on cleansing yourself and your space; drawing power from the earth and sky; and elevating your magic with tools like herbs, churchyard dirt, and candles.
Strengthen your skills—Hone your craft with spells for bolstering your connection to the land, conjuring protection, and supporting your personal relationships.
Unlock the power of Appalachian folk magic with this introductory witchcraft book.