Apostle Paul by James Cannon

Author: James Cannon

Category: Christian Romance

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A stunning portrait of St. Paul and first-century Christianity, this sweeping historical novel is a must-read for fans of biblical fiction and Taylor Caldwell’s Great Lion of God
The iconic Saint Paul—in his lifetime, a scholar, prosecutor for the high court of the Jews, accomplice in murder, adventurer, traveler, orator, writer, advocate, and organizer of a new faith—was in fact a Jewish-Hellenistic citizen of the Roman Empire, a man who by the force of his intellect and indomitable will changed the course of history. Eventually, he became the leader of the movement that delivered the social and moral authority of Christianity to a pagan world.

Given a message—that man and woman had a purpose in earthly life and a future beyond the grave—he carried it first and unsuccessfully to his fellow Jews, then successfully to the gentiles and all mankind. His quality of mind and ability to exhort and persuade, his personal commitment to ethical conduct and values, and his courage and indefatigability made Paul one of the continuing forces in the progress of Western civilization.
With Apostle Paul, author James Cannon has taken the story of one of the most momentous quests in history and brought it to life in a novel with a vitality and immediacy that is at once gripping, informative, and inspiring.