Author: Eunice Churchill

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All children and teens stress out at times, but if they also have ADHD, their anxiety can skyrocket. Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids and Teens with ADHD: A Practical Guide for Parents has smart strategies that equip parents to equip their children to deal with anxiety. In this book, parents gain insight into how ADHD affects their children and why it causes so much anxiety. This guide is filled with exercises and activities that teach children and teens how to recognize their own ADHD symptoms, counteract them, and start reducing the anxiety caused by ADHD. It offers suggestions for how to help them master critical study skills so that they can accurately recall what they have learned. Since anxiety can also be triggered by certain medical conditions, there is a quick overview so that parents can see if some of their child’s anxiety might be caused by one of them. An awesome strategy, Role Playing, has been proven to effectively reduce anxiety by helping kids and teens experience anxiety-producing scenarios and practice how to handle them. Two chapters in this book contain ready-to-use role-playing skits as well as ideas for creating new scenarios. In the Appendix, parents can access additional resources that have more tried-and-true solutions.Here’s a glimpse of the topics covered in this book:

What Causes Anxiety in ADHD Kids and Teens? How ADHD Affects Children Other Conditions That Can Cause AnxietySimple Steps Parents Can Take to Reduce Their Child’s AnxietyNon-Medical Therapies How Children and Teens Can Control Their Own Anxiety Exercises & Activities That Reinforce Anxiety ControlRole-Playing Scenarios for Kids, Pre-Teens, and Teenagers