Author: Michelle Martin

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Admit it – you’re afraid of falling in love and getting hurt! Claim your “happily ever after”
How many times did you think that you’ve found your soulmate? How many times have you cried your eyes out after yet another mister or miss perfect went on to betray you in the most crucial way?
We all carry our baggage from past relationships. For some, however, that baggage leads to paralyzing fear and unwillingness to commit at all.
If you have ended a relationship before it got too serious because you were afraid of being dumped, you know what I’m talking about.
Are you letting anxiety ruin your prospects of love? Check the boxes that apply to you:
You attempt to control every aspect of the relationship
You’re so jealous that you check their Facebook account on a daily basis and you’ve even stalked your significant other
You worry about being dumped every single day
Panic makes you start insane arguments so you can drive them away before things get serious
Intimacy is suffering
You behave selfishly, you know it, yet you can do nothing about it
Having one or more of the above-mentioned applying to your situation is indicative of serious relationship self-sabotage.
I want to let you in on a little secret: you ARE worthy of love. You deserve respect, a special someone to cherish you, a person to grow old with and share life’s obstacles and triumphs.
To achieve that goal and get your happily ever after, however, you have to nip anxiety in the bud right now.