Anxiety… I’m So Done with You by Jodi Aman

Author: Jodi Aman

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Ditch anxiety and depression with this practical guide!Are you feeling stressed out, anxious, and alone? Do you stay up all night drenched with worry about how vulnerable you are to what you can't control? Wondering how will you handle it? Because of anxiety and panic, do you double down on your efforts to be smart enough, cool enough, good enough, only to have that effort backfire, and you feel more inadequate and overwhelmed?   Anxiety, depression, and self-doubt can be such bullies! When they are in your life, they make you feel small and incapable. But that is not true, you are not small and incapable! If you are done with anxiety running your life and want to end that destructive, toxic relationship, this book is for you. Getting back this control over yourself and your life is teachable. The path is not esoteric and mystical, it is practical. There are repeatable, doable steps at your fingertips. This workbook shows you how to release fear and confusion that causes anxiety, depression, and self-doubt to free you up to trust yourself. This guide will give you permission and know-how to engage in the joy of adventure, creativity, and purpose in your life. You'll learn what anxiety is and what anxiety isn't. And, why anxiety is so prevalent among young people. You'll finally know why anxiety and depression are not your fault. You will learn that anxiety and depression are totally understandable and highly treatable and that you can make a full recovery.You'll know the exact practical steps to build trust in your skills and abilities so you can create your own life instead of feeling like a passive recipient of it.You'll understand anxiety and negative self-judgment so well so that it is no longer scary.You'll realize how anxiety lies to make you feel vulnerable and alone.You'll learn how to take control of your personal power, and engage your confidence, motivation, and intuition. Not the "pseudo" power of beating yourself up or bullying someone else, but real live, sustainable personal agency to respond to life and maximize your potential.You'll finally let go of trying to be perfect, fully accepting yourself, beautifully imperfect as you are.You will learn daily practices to hone the skills and abilities to keep your brain well and happy. Know how to generate happiness in your life. And, keep it there. Are you ready to have your life back from anxiety and panic attacks? Get this comprehensive practical guide. You'll be able to ditch anxiety, break up with perfectionism, and rewire your brain for lasting happiness.  As a parent of two teenagers, I believe this is a must-have guidebook for any young person and their family. Whether you wrestle mightily with anxiety or just sometimes don't quite know how to handle life's hardships, this book gives practical, insightful, modern methods for creating positive change in your life and mind. ~Julie Barton, NYT Bestselling author of Dog Medicine.  This book has it all! Tools, reflective exercises, and practical approaches for overcoming the challenges living with anxiety can bring. Anxiety or not, as a mother of three teenage daughters, this is one book I would love them each of them to have. ~Sherianna Boyle, author of Emotional Detox for Anxiety. What teens need most is someone who understands them, and helps them to believe in themselves. Jodi is a perfect example of this. She inspires me through how she increases their confidence that they have the power to heal and create their own life, especially when they don't see it. ~Clint G Rogers Ph.D., author of Ancient Secrets Of A Master Healer.  Jodi Aman does a fantastic job speaking directly to teens in an engaging and entertaining way. Teenagers will soak up the knowledge and skills she offers and will be empowered to go head to head with anxiety. ~Natasha Daniels LCSW, author of Anxiety Sucks! A Teen Survival Guide. Read more