Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep by Ginger  Hultin

Author: Ginger Hultin

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Stock your fridge with meals that taste great and reduce inflammationInflammation is at the root of numerous health conditions. An anti-inflammatory diet can play a key role in reducing inflammation and restoring vitality to the body. Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep makes it easy to receive the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet with 6 weeks of meal prep ideas and 84 delicious, whole-food recipes.This inflammation diet cookbook offers step-by-step instructions on shopping, prepping, and cooking tasty, nutritious meals. Following the week-by-week meal plan, your fridge will be stocked with multiple healthy dishes, ready to be heated and enjoyed. Keep your taste buds happy with over 80 delightful recipes including sweet and crunchy ginger-berry granola, tangy lemony lentil salad, and hearty baked salmon cakes. It’s easy to maintain a daily, anti-inflammatory diet when you have satisfying, whole-food meals at the ready!Discover simple meal prep techniques to keep your fridge stocked with delicious, anti-inflammatory meals. Read more