Author: Alex Cooper

Category: Humor

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Animals are beautiful, noble creatures. They're also brutal, scheming, and skilled at ripping, bashing, and biting one another into tiny pieces. I'm sure we've all looked at a gorilla and wondered whether it could beat up a lion. How about a grizzly bear? Could an elephant stomp on a rabid weasel? (That one might not make the cut.) Animal Killdom asks the burning question: "What if there were a Mixed Martial Animal Championship?" There's background info on the fighters' strengths (and weaknesses), real-life encounters, and more fun facts than you can shake a squirrel at. To top things off, the animal adversaries throw down in the arena, narrated (sort of reliably) by first-time author and long-time underachiever Alex Cooper. You've seen the animal kingdom before, but never quite like this.