Author: Daisy Stevens

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Would you like to be an impeccable parent who gets respect from your child, but all you can do is yell and argue with him because he doesn't listen to you?

If the answer is Yes, read on because I will teach you techniques for managing emotions to educate your child and have a more peaceful family life.

I bet that when your child yells, screams, doesn't do what he is told and goes wild, all you do is get angry at him without much result. And I bet you, like so many other parents before they let me help them, can't sleep from the frustration and anger that assails as soon as you hear your child complain. You feel trapped, hopeless, and most of all, you are no longer serene.

"I wanted to change quickly, before it was too late educationally even for my own son, to educate him the best I could and become a peaceful and respected parent. I searched, searched and finally found the right techniques and tips to change the way to relate to one's children in this book."

If you too want to manage your emotions to better educate your child, this book is perfectly attuned to your needs. You will have a lot to learn, but thanks to my advice, your life as a parent will change.

This book has transformed the lives of so many parents and so many children. If you also want to be one of them, you absolutely MUST NOT miss this book and BEFORE your child grows up too much because growth stages must be respected. There are multiple studies stating that if you educate your child in yelling and anger they will grow up angry and rebellious.

This book, in particular, will help you to:

Learning strategies for managing emotions;

Understand the negative effects of anger on the child;

What behaviors to have with the child so that the child grows up polite and respectful;

The importance of mutual listening and empathy;

Strengthening family ties;

Understand how to educate your child and manage emotions through practical exercises;

...And so much more!

You are not buying a simple parenting book. This is the most comprehensive handbook you will find, thanks to which you will be able to put into practice right away all the tips and techniques for living more peacefully and raising your child without anger.So what are you waiting for?

Click the "Buy Now" button and start being the best parent you can be while keeping your cool!