Author: Robert Hall

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"Do you ever find your mind spiraling and jumping to conclusion after conclusion, leaving you stressed and overcome with anxiety and anger?
Maybe you find yourself lashing out at the ones you love the most in a fit of rage, only to later realize that your reaction was unnecessary and hurtful to those around you?
Perhaps you have decided enough is enough, and you no longer want anger and fear to rule your decision making and happiness?
Well the good news is, you’ve come to the right place! Anger Management for a Zen Mind is packed with information on how to overcome your anger issues and live a more peaceful and happier lifestyle.
I myself used to struggle greatly with feelings of anger controlling my behavior and actions. My behavior became so volatile that one day I decided I needed to make a change, or the people close to me would ultimately lose their patience with me.
With that new outlook, I took to the research and buried myself in as much information as I could to help overcome my issues, as I sought to become a happier and mentally healthier person.
I was disappointed to find that the information available on the topic of anger management is actually quite limited, and often a lot of it failed to truly focus on the core reason for why I was having these issues.
While there was plenty of information for dealing with anger when it arose, there was little that truly helped me rid myself of the issue at its source.
That’s what brought me to writing this book.
Inside Anger Management for a Zen Mind, discover:

the danger that uncontrolled anger poses to people
the importance of emotional intelligence
practical anger management techniques
a better understanding of what the source of your issues with anger might be
how to rid yourself of being controlled by anger for good

And that is only the tip of the iceberg! This book has so much to offer you on the subject of anger management.
Don’t let anger rule another minute of your life. Grab this book today and get reading to start yourself on a new path to a Zen mindset and happiness."