Author: M. D. Grayson

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From M.D. Grayson comes the action packed Danny Logan debut mystery, Angel Dance. Praise for Angel Dance: "The intensity continues to build. Just when you think you have it solved, Grayson throws you a wild curve. It was an excellent read. I highly recommend it." Mack McCormick Author, Terrorist at the Bus Stop "Angel Dance was so much fun to read that I completed it in one day in Cape Cod on vacation. In fact, I resented anyone who interrupted my reading time!" Bella Luna Book Reviewer Overview: Gina Fiore - beautiful Seattle heiress has vanished. A foreign drug cartel and a Chicago organized crime family are looking. Can Danny Logan rescue her before the noose closes? More praise for Angel Dance... "Stuart Woods WAS one of my favorite authors, with the ability to put an unexpected twist to the story, but look out, first time novelist MD Grayson has written a smart and colorful page turner. I never thought I would enjoy a wild ride through drug cartels and crime families, but a weekend read, turned into a book I could not put down... Can't wait for the next book!" Jan Porter Book Reviewer "With two more books in the works and a cast of interesting characters awaiting development, this author is worth watching." Kirkus Review Book Reviewer If you enjoy the intrigue of Gone, Baby, Gone, the wit of Janet Evanovich, the wisdom of Travis McGee and the roller coaster action of Magnum P.I., you are going to LOVE Angel Dance **If you were looking for M.D. Grayson's extremely compelling Mystery-Thriller No Way to Die, look for an advance release on the 4th of July! But be warned - the stakes for Logan and crew have never been higher - you won't want to put No Way to Die down! **If you were looking for M.D. Grayson's newest Mystery-Thriller Isabel's Run, look for an advance release in September.

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