Anchored by Bridget E. Baker

Author: Bridget E. Baker

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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"The premise [of Anchored] is not only the right blend of imagination, mystery, and hold-your-breath action, but is entirely unique and leaves the reader wanting more. This is a 10 out of 10." --Publisher's Weekly.Two worlds, one fate …

Alora’s life has been anything but magical. Since her parents died, she and her brother have been on the run from a creepy, doggedly determined social worker. In a few more months she turns eighteen, but until then, they're stuck hiding. It’s hardly surprising that she dreams every single night of another world, Terra, where she possesses telekinetic powers.

What Alora can’t explain is how, when she breaks her arm in her dreams, she wakes up with the same (very real) injury on Earth. And if her dreams are fueled by wishful thinking, why isn’t being magical more fun? Since only men on Terra are supposed to be able to move things with their minds, Alora is forced to hide what she can do.

But when her best friend on Terra is threatened, Alora uses her powers to save him. She inadvertently kills the attacker and reveals her hidden talents. The next day on Earth, the exact same man she killed on Terra walks into her workplace. . .and drops dead. As the two worlds collide, Alora must discover how they’re connected and how far she’ll go to save a world that may not deserve to be saved.★ Trade Reviews ★"This fantasy series opener finds its rhythm early and then breezes along, keeping readers enthralled. [This] novel is a winner," Kirkus Reviews

"The best part of [Anchored] was the non-stop, action-packed, exciting plot. All I can say is, Bridget E. Baker, where have you been all my life? I can’t believe this is her only book that I have read. I will most definitely be reading more of her work. This book has it all: suspense, mystery, love, action, romance, war, you name it. And it is all perfectly combined to produce the perfect story and the perfect beginning to what I know will be a fantastic series," Readers' Favorite"Wow, this book is intense. It takes hold and doesn't let go. Fast-paced writing, an awesome storyline, and ridiculously fun world-building make this a new favorite of the year. Plus, Egyptian mythology! A must-read for fantasy lovers," USA Today Bestselling author M. Lynn

"Anchored is a fast paced, fantasy adventure with a strong heroine. I have no idea how Bridget did it, but she tangled reality and dream fantasy together effortlessly. This is one of those books you will go back and read again and again! I cannot wait for book 2," USA Today Bestselling author, J.A. Culican

"I picked this book up for the breathtaking cover, but I stayed for the fascinating story. I can honestly say I've never read anything quite like this. Usually it takes me a while to connect with a narrator, but I found myself rooting for this funny, self-deprecating protagonist from the first page. Top that off with a story that's solid and compelling, and a twisty plot that pulls at your heartstrings every step of the way, and you've got five amazing stars! My only complaint is that I can't binge read the rest of the series yet!" USA Today Bestselling Author Robin D. Mahle

"This action-packed novel is a dose of both fantasy and reality. The writing is infectious, jam-packed with emotion, and the tangling of two worlds--the real and the dream--is masterfully done. Anchored is a book not to be missed," Author Cortney Pearson